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Looking for a treasure

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Nominated for the 2004 VIBE Awards.

Nominated for two 2003 Covenant Awards
(Canadian Gospel Music Association)

  • Produced by Kelvin Funkner, Curtis and Bonnie Szakacs
  • Release Date: November 25, 2002

  • 15 Songs - Total length: 39:41

Looking For a Treasure is a diverse mix of styles with a lively edge. The recording is produced for all ages, but is specially arranged with a message for children. From the driving country rendition of “Rolled Away”, to the techno mix, “God Is A Good God”, the album unmasks one surprise after another. The project features nine originals written by Bonnie and Curtis, plus fun arrangements of some familiar choruses.


The CD has been playing non-stop since we got it. Our kids love the catchy tunes!"
Brandon, MB

"I wanted to drop you a note to let you know, we absolutely love your "Looking For a Treasure" CD. The songs allow us to praise together and also give us a great work out as we dance together as a family! Thanks so much for the wonderful piece of work."
Winnipeg, MB

"Thank you so much for all your work and sacrifice in producing such a wonderful CD."
Rivers, MB


Jesus Loves Me (2:44)

How Precious Are Your Thoughts (3:01)

In Everything Do To Others (1:37)

Bigger Than That (2:02)

Only You (3:07)

Jesus Bless Daddy (2:12)

Rolled Away (2:08)

Treasure (2:05)

God Is A Good God (2:27)

With Jesus In The Boat (2:51)

I Will Praise You Lord (3:35)

Grandparents’ Prayer (2:34)

When I Pray (2:27)

I Will Lie Down and Sleep (2:55)

Daddy’s Lullaby (3:28)




Engineered by Kelvin Funkner @ Northern Christian Recording

Aylsham, Saskatchewan


Mixed and Mastered by John Gasparic @ Touchwood Studios

Regina, Saskatchewan



Kelvin Funkner: drums, programming, percussion, bass, electric and acoustic guitars, synth, additional BGVs, special effects

Angela Thiessen: violin

Bonnie Szakacs: vocals, BGVs, special effects

Curtis Szakacs: piano, wurlitzer, B3, additional synth, vocals, BGVs, special effects

Heidi, Meka, and Alonzo Szakacs: vocals, vocal effects

Praying Grandparents:

  • Marie Thiessen - English
  • Irene Basky - Hungarian
  • Edwin Johnson - Swedish
  • Martha Blacksmith - Dakota
  • Meka Kroeker - German
  • Rev. Dave Thiessen - English

Children’s ensemble:
Ashley Bergen, Courtny Bergen, Danielle Bober, Ashlee Bober, Amy Bober, Caleb Funkner,
Terrell J. Klassen, Teagan J. Klassen, Terren J. Klassen, Hilary Lyons, Tirzah Lyons, Daelyne Ponipal

Graphic Design by Delores Oridge, Brandon, MB

Photography by Bonnie Szakacs; Family portrait by Tracy Kerestesh, Custom Portraits & Framing, Melville, SK

Curtis & Bonnie thank:The musicians and vocalists who shared their outstanding talents for this recording; Kelvin & Joan ~ we have no words, you have out-blessed us!; All those who have prayed for this ministry ~ you know who you are! Each child who has attended our programs/concerts and touched our lives in some way ~ you have inspired this project; Heidi, Meka Alonzo ~ our precious Jewels;
Jesus ~ our greatest Treasure.

Kelvin Thanks:Curtis and Bonnie for the honor of working on this project! It has always been a dream of mine to do a children's album of my own, but time and resources haven't permitted it. You have given me such freedom in production that I feel as though this album is a part of me. Thankyou! Most of all, thankyou to my wife Joan, for your awesome support while recording, and for my boys Caleb and Jonathan, for sharing Daddy with all the children who hear this recording.

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  • Curtis and Bonnie are loving, caring, gifted and encouraging

    Curtis and Bonnie are loving, caring, gifted and encouraging. Their music has a fresh sound and will inspire you. They have been guests on IT'S A NEW DAY and have been a blessing to our viewers.

    Former President of Trinity Television Inc. Former Host of IT'S A NEW DAY Willard Thiessen
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