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Heidi – 18, is an amazing sister for her seven younger brothers and sisters. She loves sewing, baking, horses, languages, reading and writing. She plays violin, piano, and cello. She also loves composing music and memorizing Bible passages.




Meka – 16, is adventurous and super-fun.  Her laugh is contagious.  She loves horses, writing adventures, reading, entertaining her youngest brother and sisters.  She plays violin, piano, bass guitar, percussion, and ukelele.  She also loves composing music and lyrics.




 Alonzo – 14, has always been practical, reliable, and efficient.  He is very caring for his younger siblings and sensitive to his older sisters.  He loves problem-solving – especially the Rubiks Cube.  He also loves Math, reading, and spending time with his cousins.  He plays acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and piano.  He also enjoys memorizing Bible passages.



 Peter – 12, is the silent, strong type.  He is an excellent friend for his older siblings and an amazing caregiver to his younger brother and sisters.  Peter also loves problem-solving, especially puzzles.  He loves listening to music, skating, swimming, spending time with cousins.  He plays bongos, cajon, piano, and violin.



   Sunny – 9, is so descriptive of her personality.  She is so enthusiastic about life.  She loves dancing, crafting, dressing up like a princess and hanging out with her sisters.  She adores all of her siblings.   Sunny is learning to play the piano, violin, and ukelele.



  Amy – 7, loves to rock and read books with her Daddy, Mommy, or older siblings.  She is a singer, and spends a good part of her waking hours singing about everything.  She loves to dance with her sister Sunny, and enjoys to dress-up. She is learning to play violin, and ukelele.




Davidson – 5, more often called Davey, is a true joy to be with.  He loves cars, trucks, and anything with wheels.  He loves animals especially bears, lions, and anything else that growls.  Davey absolutely adores all of his older brothers and sisters. He is learning to play violin, and ukelele.




Isaac - 2, Is doing an amazing job of catching up with his older brothers and sisters. He is an active, sweet little boy. He frequently takes the microphone from his mommy's hand and "finishes" the song for her. 

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