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It is such an honor and privilege to watch as many of these children respond to Jesus!

This summer our paths crossed with a girl whom we had met several years encouraged us with her testimony and so we asked her to write it down so you could read it too.

My name is Kelly. I am a 17-year-old girl from Saskatoon, SK. When I was about 6 or 7, I signed up to go to The Quest at Christopher Lake. I only wanted to go because my best friend was going, and because some of the skills looked fun. The fact that it was a Bible camp meant nothing to me. I come from a family that does not know or love Jesus. When I arrived, I was immediately excited by chapel. Bonnie and Curtis were speaking, although at that time their family was quite a bit smaller. I was so intrigued by this 'God' they spoke of... A God who loved me just as I was, always had loved me, and knew me by name. Bonnie and Curtis introduced me to the kind of God I never knew. A God I could have a relationship with, a God I could always talk to, and would always keep me safe. I remember buying one of their CDs, right after telling Bonnie she should try out for “Canadian Idol”. When I returned home, the seed that had been planted inside me continued to be nurtured as I grew, and when I was in 9th grade, I accepted Jesus as my personal Saviour and committed my life to Him. Now, I continue to seek Jesus in my everyday life. I am a youth care worker, and this summer I was a camp counsellor at Camp Kadesh, where I was reconnected with Bonnie and Curtis. They have definitely found their calling in life, and are so gifted in speaking to children and ministering to them. Who knows if I would be where I am today without them!

Each year we meet hundreds of children who are hungry for God and have a growing desire to know Him personally. It is such an honor and privilege to watch as many of these children respond to Jesus! The seeds planted in many others stay with them until the Lord draws them close to Himself!

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  • Curtis and Bonnie are loving, caring, gifted and encouraging

    Curtis and Bonnie are loving, caring, gifted and encouraging. Their music has a fresh sound and will inspire you. They have been guests on IT'S A NEW DAY and have been a blessing to our viewers.

    Former President of Trinity Television Inc. Former Host of IT'S A NEW DAY Willard Thiessen
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